Ronald McGuire is a novelist, poet, scriptwriter and journalist. His work has/will appear in Catalyst Magazine (Athens, GA), Flash Fiction Magazine, The Dillydoun Review, Drunk Monkeys (forthcoming), The Dead Mule School (September 1, 2021), CNN.com, and a few other places. Ronald holds degrees in Comparative Literature and in Journalism from the University of Georgia. Ronald’s script for a TV Pilot based on his forthcoming novel Oculus 12 was a finalist in the TSL Free Screenplay Competition (2020) and his first novel was a finalist in the Launchpad Prose Competition (2021).

Ronald is also a veteran of the media industry. He’s an experienced leader, innovator, and collaborator, with a history of successful process improvement and design, revenue enhancement, system integration, vendor management, and software development.

Ronald enjoys beaches, rescue dogs, cold beer, hearty meals, and talking about himself in the third person.